How to Use The New Magic Eraser Tool On Snapchat

How to Use The New Magic Eraser Tool On Snapchat | Viva Tricks

SnapChat has just paid a big update that probably changed the way we use the app crazily popular. Many new features have been included in the application such as boundless snaps, loop videos and other promising tools designed to keep users working. One of the new features that caught our eye is the Magic New Eraser tool that lets you blur a certain part of the snap that you may not want to see people. The technique works quite similar to the Adobe Light Lite spot removal tool, but much more streamlined. So, if you are interested, you probably want to know how to use the new magic eraser tool on Snapchat on Android or iPhone:

Using The New Magic Eraser Tool On Snapchat

First of all, you will have to update to the latest version of SnapChat from the App Store or Play Store . Then, follow the steps below to start using the Eraser tool on your snaps:

#1: Once you open the Snapshot application, you are taken directly to the camera. Now, take a random snap and just click the scissors icon.

#2: Once done, tap on on the Magic tool indicated by stars icon.

#3: Now that you're done, you can blur any part of the image simply by scrolling over a specific area. For example, I am trying to remove the Alienware logo on my laptop, so I just criticize the area where the logo is located.

#4: Once done, wait a few seconds for the magic to happen. Then, you will notice a blurred area on your snap. SnapChat replaces the blurred area with colors that match the area to make sure that the blur is not easily noticeable.

#5: Well, that's pretty much. From now on, I do not think I have to transfer the pictures to my computer and use Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom to remove stuff from my photos anymore. However, keep in mind that unlike Photoshop, it only erases a certain area and is easily noticeable to anyone who looks at the snapchat.

Blur Unwanted Objects With Snapchat’s Magic Eraser Tool

The SnapChat Eraser tool is very useful if you are in a hurry to send the picture, but you do not really want someone to notice a certain area of the snap. Who has enough time to transfer photos to a PC and Photoshop it anyway? Well, we certainly are not and we are sure that there are many of you who will agree on this. However, if you are a professional in photo editing, this tool may not excite you at all. So, let us know your thoughts about this new tool in Snap Chat simply by dropping a few words in the comments section below below.

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