Wikileaks Reveals C.I.A’s Hacking Projects

Wikileaks Reveals C.I.A’s Hacking Projects

The US Central Intelligence Agency has been spying on people with the help of high-tech phones and TVs in the CIA world according to the latest sensational Wikileaks revelations not a hacker in the world's largest. WikiLeaks says the CIA to keep the debris fell on hackers from Russia in case the catch is that using technology to hide their hacking activities. WikiLeaks has also claimed that the CIA break privacy tools have been stolen and used by criminals and foreign spies as expected. The former US government hackers who steal tools and also had the hands of contractors, one of which has damaged their secrets.

WikiLeaks said that he had published the papers tell about the potential risk for the CIA hacking programs and stolen information on these tools. WikiLeaks is an organization that believes in transparency. WikiLeaks' recent disclosure of information to the CIA 8761 on the basis of confidential documents and files. Year Zero all data that has been named, has been published Wiki leaks website. The CIA did not have a fake or real these documents.

Wiki Leaks CIA offer to sell an organization that can also hack data on the device, and it can spy on ordinary people's personal lives of everyone. Whenever a person, company or government is vulnerable to hacking process is called to review the professionals worldwide. Hackers are identified in this analysis. Wikileaks says that the CIA has a department O, which is misleading to others by showing print this fingerprint analysis. CIA conducts his hacking activities as a Russian hacker.

WikiLeaks is a team who revealed startling revelations that the CIA has also made the software of spying that can affect Samsung Smart TVs. This software is apparently turns off the TV, but I keep hearing talk of viewers sitting in front of it and sent to CIA agents. Weeping Angel called the software is built in collaboration with the British agency MI-5.

WikiLeaks reported that the CIA and the team did a hacking tool that has handed over to iPhones, iPads and android devices affected by the control of the CIA. This tool can be classified as devices with video and pictures sent by users and microphones record the CIA camera. To trace the location of the device has become a left hand.

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