Install Paid Apps in iPhone/iPad/iOS for Free - No Jailbreak

Install Paid Apps in iPhone/iPad/iOS for Free - No Jailbreak

This is an article that "How to install paid applications in iPhone / iPad / iOS for free? No jailbreak required." The App Store is an application for iOS and Mac OS X. The store was introduced by Apple, which allows customers to learn and download applications that have been produced with iPhone Sk. Applications sold in the App Store are either free or should be used as money used, subject to application. Applications are specially downloaded for the EOS tool that was purchased / introduced on that tool / Mac, or will be moved to all the tools under the Apple ID through Ecloud. While Apple said they did not hope to take advantage of the store, it was expected by Piper Jaffray that the store could make a productive commercial center with an income exceeding US $ 1 billion per year for the organization. The store opened at a young hour on the morning of July 10, 2008 via an update to Itunes. Applications are quickly accessible for download all over then.


How to Install Paid Apps in iPhone/iPad/iOS for Free?

#1: Just open Tutu App

#2: Search for your favorite apps

#3: Click on "Get it" button

#4: Then hit Install button in popup

#5: Done. Now go to Settings > General > Device Management

#6: Tap on JiaNaHaiWei Co., ltd.

#7: Now click on Trust button then again Trust button in popup.

#8: That's all !

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